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Telemedicine/virtual visits are here!  Many of us have had our normal routines disrupted over the last few months.  In order to meet the needs of our patients, we have made the leap into telemedicine.  Now you can schedule a visit with your Fifth Avenue Pediatrics physician without ever leaving your home.  We conduct visits via Anytime Pediatrics, a HIPPA compliant and pediatric specific telemedicine platform.  All you need is a smartphone/tablet utilizing the Anytime Pediatrics app, or a computer with a webcam using Google Chrome browser, to have a virtual "house call".  Some of the illnesses or issues that can be safely managed via telemedicine include:​




Eye concerns (pinkeye, stye, etc.)

Minor injuries

Suspected sinus infection or common cold

Telemedicine visits are available two different ways:

1. Scheduled in advance with the physician of your choice at a particular date and time. These appointments are only made by calling our office during business hours (727-323-2727) Example: Acne follow up, Developmental or Behavior concerns, ADHD, mental health or medication follow ups. We may ask you to have your child complete forms in advance of your telemedicine visit with the physician.

2. On Demand urgent care visits with the physician on call outside of normal office hours, including weekends. If you have an after hours urgent care issue and need to speak with our physician on call, please use the AnyTime Pediatrics portal either via your computer or smart phone device to request an urgent visit with the physician on call during the hours listed below. The physician on call will then connect with you as soon as she is available- often immediately or within a few minutes.  These are on demand appointments, not scheduled in advance, and the available times may change dependent on the on-call physician's availability.

Monday - Friday 7pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 5pm

Sunday 12pm - 5pm. 

For all telemedicine visits, please have your child's accurate weight, temperature and pharmacy number available. Additionally, please upload photos of your child in advance of the telemedicine visit via the app or computer program when prompted at the initial sign on screen. For example: if your child has a rash, an ear infection, a skin issue or another visible physical concern, it is very helpful for us to have digital images to review as these photos are much clearer than the video internet connection which can be dependent on bandwidth and sometimes spotty. Completed patient forms can also be uploaded to us for review via the image attachment function.


The Anytime Pediatrics Telemedicine instructions are attached below. Our practice code is 2727. Please make sure to allow access to your camera and microphone in order for us to be able to communicate. Please use the Google chrome browser if on your computer.

Anytime Pediatrics


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