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Telemedicine Tips

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

We hope you are enjoying our new telemedicine service through Anytime Pediatrics! Here are some tips to help make your telemedicine experience as smooth as possible:

Telemedicine Basics

Tips for your child's first telemedicine visit

Getting Started Videos

Parent Tutorial for the Anytime Pediatrics App

Parent Tutorial for the Anytime Pediatrics in Google Chrome

Allow Access to Microphone and Video in Google Chrome

Here is a tutorial on how to allow access to the microphone and video if using Google Chrome browser

Uploading Images

If we are seeing your child for an acute issue and there is anything that can be visualized (i.e. rash, bug bite, wound, red throat, red eyes, etc.), please upload images PRIOR to your visit. It is much easier to see a still image that can be magnified, etc. rather than having you wrestle your toddler in live time while holding your phone just to get a glimpse of their diaper rash :) An icon will prompt you to upload images as you are preparing for your visit.

Images can be uploaded during the visit, but can be a little trickier. Here are some tips on how to upload images during your telemedicine visit.

Third Party Invite

We often have visits where a third party may need to be part of the telemedicine visit (i.e., parent at work while teenager is at home, split households where both parents want to be present, etc.). Here is how the physician can invite a third party to join the visit, as well as some tips.

We are doing our very best to serve our patients and families - we welcome any and all feedback for how your experience has been with telemedicine and how we can improve!


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