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Attention: Medicaid Patients

Updated: May 16

To all our Medicaid/Sunshine patients: The national public health emergency declared in March 2020, which allowed Florida Medicaid recipients to retain their benefits beyond the end of the recertification process or redetermination, is ending. Effective April 1, members in the state of Florida are required to renew their benefits as they have in the past, according to their month of renewal. Patients who no longer qualify for Medicaid or those who do not go through the redetermination process may lose their coverage.

Please go to to ensure your address and contact information are current with Florida Medicaid.

Watch for information from Medicaid/Department of Children and Families (DCF) telling you when your renewal application is due. Please provide any requested information as soon as possible. DCF will process the redeterminations based on the Medicaid participant’s annual redetermination date. Thank you for your prompt attention to this so that your child’s coverage does not lapse!

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